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Inverness family law attorney, cost of divorce, divorce and finances, attorney fees, collaborative divorceFinancially, divorce can be expensive. Hence, the cost can deter some spouses from pursuing the dissolution of marriage. Various costs associated with divorce are unavoidable, but generally, choosing a process other than litigation to accomplish the dissolution of the marriage can greatly reduce the overall financial outlay. Such financial considerations may be of high importance if there is significant concern over maintaining financial stability after divorce.

Mediation and collaborative divorce give spouses more control over what expenses are incurred, and more easily allow couples to share costs. These options also give the parties more control over the outcome. Further, if a divorce is uncontested, i.e., all relevant issues are settled, the costs are relatively minimal. However, the more traditional route to divorce through litigation is sometimes necessary if the parties want very different outcomes, or if concerns over misconduct/misrepresentation are present.

Since one spouse is typically at a financial disadvantage, the prospect of litigation can be daunting, and potentially push him or her to agree to a quick settlement to avoid high legal fees and Court costs.


Illinois expensive divorces, Palatine divorce attorneyThere is no getting around it – if you live in Illinois and want a divorce, it is going to cost you. Even if the divorce is amicable and you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree on all aspects of property division and child custody, you will still face expenses and at least some attorney’s fees. With money suddenly an issue, you may wonder how much the divorce will cost and who is responsible for paying those fees.

Illinois Fourth Most Expensive State for Divorce

A report released early this year by ranked Illinois as the fourth most expensive state for couples getting divorced. At $337 just to get the paperwork filed, Illinois ranks behind only Florida, Minnesota and California. Perhaps because of this, Illinois also ranked as having one of the lowest annual rates of divorce, tying for third with several other states at eight divorces per 1,000 married couples.


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