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The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C. is a Palatine-based firm that works to help individuals and families navigate tough legal issues related to divorce, property division, child custody, and multiple other types of family law matters. For families who are going through major transitions, we believe in helping them reach resolutions that will allow them to move forward. Nicholas W. Richardson, an experienced attorney, can help you find efficient and effective ways of doing so.

Attorney Richardson works to take a calm and level-headed approach to difficult situations and contentious disputes. He understands the need for agreement, communication and cooperation, and he regularly employs a collaborative law approach.

Approach to Handling Cases

Family law matters require an attorney with a calm demeanor and the legal experience to see your case to resolution. Nicholas W. Richardson combines proven, determined representation strategies with a client-centered approach to deliver the best possible results. When appropriate, he utilizes mediation to reach resolution.

You work only with Attorney Richardson. Your family law matter is never passed along to an assistant or paralegal. He delivers regular updates on the progress of your case and addresses any sudden concerns with promptness and precision.

At The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., Nicholas W. Richardson listens to the circumstances of each situation and provides the experience you need. If collaboration or mediation is not an option, then your rights will be advocated for in court through litigation. In any case, be assured that Attorney Richardson tailors his legal approach to your specific case and goals.


Helping Clients in Challenging Times

When facing a crisis, you need reliable guidance with a proven record for success. Nicholas W. Richardson has a high rate of referrals and works hard to maintain his excellent reputation in the communities he serves. When you connect with his firm, you receive:

  • A free initial consultation to discuss your case
  • Honest assessment of your legal situation
  • A caring and responsive attorney to answer your questions
  • One-on-one service focused on your goals

Please contact The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C. for help with divorce and family law matters. Attorney Richardson offers a free initial consultation and flexible appointment options, including evening and weekend meeting times. He represents clients in Palatine, Schaumburg, Barrington, Arlington Heights, and Rolling Meadows and throughout Cook, DuPage, Kane, and McHenry Counties. Call 847.873.6741 today.




While couples who get married usually intend to stay together permanently, things do not always work out as planned. Regardless of the reasons why a couple chooses to end their marriage, they will need to address multiple types of legal and financial issues during the divorce process. Fully understanding the issues that can play a role in a divorce can often be difficult, and spouses may need to resolve difficult disputes as they work to reach agreements related to their property, their finances, and their children. Our firm provides strong and effective representation to divorcing spouses, helping them achieve their goals and ensure that they will be able to move forward with their lives.

Practice scalesAreas

Child Custody

The end of a couple's relationship may lead to disagreements about how they will raise their children. Parents who choose to get divorced, who separate after living together while unmarried, or who broke up before their child was born will need to address multiple issues related to the custody of their children. While parents will often be able to share the responsibility for making decisions for their children, they will need to determine where children will live and when they will spend time with each parent. Our firm can help address these issues and create workable parenting plans.

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Division of Assets

Married couples may accumulate multiple types of property, and they will need to determine how ownership of different assets will be handled in the case of divorce. Disputes in these areas can sometimes become contentious, especially when spouses disagree about who will maintain ownership of their family home, who will be responsible for paying different types of debts, and how to divide other assets fairly while ensuring that both parties will have the necessary financial resources. Our firm can assist with the negotiation of property settlements involving multiple types of assets.

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Child Support

Children deserve to receive financial support from both parents to ensure that their ongoing needs will be met. During a divorce or separation, parents may encounter disputes over the amount of support that one parent will pay to the other, and they may also struggle to address different types of expenses that may be necessary to address children's medical care, education, and other needs. Our firm can provide guidance when establishing child support obligations, and we can work with parents to make sure the guidelines defined in Illinois law are followed correctly.

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While a mother's spouse will be presumed to be her child's legal parent, there are some situations where parents will need to follow certain procedures to establish paternity. This may be necessary in cases where a mother was unmarried when her child was born, when someone other than her spouse is the child's father, or when the identity of the biological father is in doubt. Our firm can help mothers establish paternity to ensure that a child will receive child support, and we can also work with unmarried fathers to ensure that they will be able to maintain relationships with their children.

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Collaborative Law

While some divorce cases can be highly contentious, and litigation may be required to resolve disputes, spouses will often seek more peaceful solutions that will allow them to end their marriage successfully while avoiding the time and expense of addressing issues in court. Couples can often benefit by taking a collaborative approach to the divorce process in which they will agree to work together with their respective attorneys and any other experts that are necessary to negotiate a settlement. We work with clients throughout the collaborative process, ensuring that their rights and interests will be protected.

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College-bound Chicagoland

At The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., we believe in giving back to our local community in multiple ways, including by offering scholarships to deserving students.

In 2014, we formalized our efforts to support our local community. For six years and with more than $10,000, we awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors who were pursuing a college education or training in fields such as nursing, business, or technology.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped families in need through support through our local food pantry and Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Focus

We work to ensure that our clients are highly satisfied with the outcome of their cases, and we do so by maintaining regular communication and advising them on the best approach to any issues that they may encounter.


Client Testimonials

You were able to get to resolution quickly; when my ex-husband brought up many issues, you were able to go straight to negotiation. You responded to me quickly via email or phone, not the case with my past lawyer. Excellent experience. I'm sure to recommend to your office to my family and friends.

Mary, Divorce Case


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