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Resolving family law issues can be expensive and emotionally draining. Most families look for cost-effective and efficient solutions to their divorce, child custody or child support issues. Collaborative law is an alternative to going to Court and centers around both parties being willing to work toward amicable resolutions for all family law-related issues. The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., has the experience and knowledge to help resolve your family disputes through the collaborative law process.

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Collaborative Law Processes in Illinois

Illinois law does not currently govern the practice of collaborative law; however, in 2014, legislation is under consideration that would pass the Collaborative Law Act in Illinois. Collaborative law is an alternate dispute resolution process that does not involve litigation and relies on both parties voluntarily committing to non-adversarial divorce proceedings. The goals are to not only avoid multiple Court dates but also maximize the settlement options for each party as well as minimize the negative financial, emotional and social consequences of divorce. If either party decides to terminate the collaborative law process, both sides must retain new counsel for litigation.

The collaborative law process begins with each side retaining an attorney who is specially trained in collaborative law. Both sides agree to work together respectfully, honestly, and in good faith to resolve all issues within the divorce. This includes disclosure of any information that may be pertinent to the negotiation and documentation of the divorce. A settlement is then negotiated utilizing attorneys and other professionals as needed. This includes distribution of property, child custody and child support. Once an agreement is made, the attorneys draft legally binding documents to be filed and approved by the Court that hold both parties accountable for the settlement terms agreed upon.

A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Offering Alternative, Cost-Saving Solutions to Families in Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows and Throughout Chicagoland

Collaborative law offers an alternative to resolving your family law dispute in front of a judge. It can be less expensive and timelier in resolving disputes as well as allows you to keep your private matters out of the Courtroom.

Both parties must agree to be involved in this completely voluntary process. Once an agreement is reached on all issues, it is submitted to the Court for approval and the parties are not required to attend a contested hearing.

Depending on your specific situation, there are pros and cons to such an approach. An experienced collaborative law attorney can explain them to you and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Experienced Collaborative Law Assistance

Attorney Nick Richardson is trained in mediation, negotiation and collaborative law. Not only will collaboration save you the time and money associated with litigation, but it will also allow you and your spouse to determine the outcome of your specific issues, whether related to your children or the property accumulated during your marriage.

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