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Arlington Heights Family Lawyer

Arlington Heights Family Lawyer

Arlington Heights Family Law Attorney Serving Cook County

During the divorce process, the last thing you want is a lawyer who wastes your time and money by making you believe the impossible is possible. You need someone who is honest, direct, and conscious of your pocketbook.

After more than a decade of reviewing family law cases in Arlington Heights and Chicago's Northwest Suburbs, Nicholas W. Richardson of The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C. knows what his clients want, and he never encourages unreasonable expectations.

Arlington Heights Divorce Lawyer

With his straightforward, honest approach, Attorney Richardson handles all divorce-related matters swiftly and efficiently, working to move them through the legal system so that a person can complete the process of dissolving their marriage. He will never pass your situation along to a less experienced individual and risk potential delays and miscommunication. He recognizes the importance of your case and treats it with utmost attention.

By personally managing all family law matters, Attorney Richardson becomes more knowledgeable of your needs, and he can therefore help you select the best options that will allow you to achieve your goals. He also does not hesitate to gather additional professionals for assistance whenever he sees fit.

Since he is consistently prompt, he will quickly respond to all inquiries, including those pertaining to:

Our Family Law Approach

Attorney Richardson provides families with a calm and understanding demeanor that leaves them with a sense of comfort and closure. He will carefully listen to your concerns, and this practice has regularly resonated with his clients. When you hire Attorney Richardson, you are not only hiring a lawyer, but also a companion to help you through every step of your legal matter.

Contact Our Arlington Heights, IL Collaborative Law Attorney

If appropriate for your situation, Attorney Richardson is well-versed in collaboration and mediation, which can be cost-effective and efficient alternatives to settling cases in court. Instead of using a judge to determine the outcome of child custody, visitation rights, etc., you are granted control of the results. More importantly, Attorney Richardson will be there to guide you through the process. Call Nicholas W. Richardson's office at 847.873.6741 or contact us online to set up a free, pressure-free initial consultation.

Introducing The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson

Nicholas W. Richardson is an experienced divorce lawyer and mediator whose comprehensive legal knowledge, commitment to clients and reputation for results bring lasting solutions to your problems.

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