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You were on my side the whole way. You understood what I was asking for was the right thing and helped me get there. In the end, we got exactly what we asked for. I can't find a flaw in your approach. To potential clients: trust your gut, and don't back down. Nick knows his way around a courtroom. He knows what cards to play, Thank you Nick! You helped a little boy get to spend time with his dad. Thanks for sticking up for this father's rights.

- Craig, Child Custody, 2020

Very professional and easy to work with. Much appreciated your help and won't hesitate to recommend you to someone in the future.

- Name Withheld, High Net-Worth Divoce, 2020

You were able to get to resolution quickly; when my ex husband brought up many issues, you were able to go straight to negotiation. You respond to clients quickly by email or phone, a negative with my past lawyer.

- Mary, Post-Decree Issues, 2020

Your understanding of the power of compromise in a matter like mine helped me walk away feeling that I got a fair deal. I liked your upfront, straightforward approach. Your honesty about costs was appreciated. When emergent, I was pleased that I heard from you when you were on vacation.

- Mark, Family Law Client, 2019

Excellent experience. I'm sure to refer my friends and family. My questions were always answered quickly. Excellent communications.

- Family Law Client, 2019

My experience was excellent. You're very matter of fact, knowledgeable, timely and fair. Our initial communication started slow. Overall, I was very satisfied with the services and professionalism received. Nick is very detailed oriented and will do all that is possible to provide a quick and fair process. He was also true to his word about costs. He indicated that if all was uncontested that he would do his best to bring things to closure with no more than his retainer fee.

- Maricella, Uncontested Divorce Client, 2019

I liked your no nonsense approach best. You tell like it is with no bs. Sure to recommend you to my family and friends.

- Lenore, Divorce, 2019

Mr. Richardson, Thank you very much for all your help. We appreciate you more than tongue can tell you. God bless you and your family.

- S, College Expenses Post Divorce Decree, 2019

Excellent experience. You gave practical advice for keeping my costs as low as possible. I’m sure to recommend your office to my family and friends. My advice to others: read the information provided, follow the process and ask questions when you don’t understand. Thanks for your help, Nick.

- Rick, Collaborative Divorce Client, May 2018

I could not have chosen a better atty than Nick for my divorce. He was patient and guided me through the whole process. He answered all my questions no matter the time of day. Kept me calm throughout the process. Never felt like I was just a client. I truly believe he cared and did what was best for me and my child.

- Divorce Client, 2017

Overall experience was very good, and I’m very likely to refer my friends and family seeking legal representation to this office. I appreciated your willingness to work with my budget and my time frame. You’re very thorough, which other potential clients will appreciate.

- Mary, Divorce, 2017

I liked the ease of communication and timely responses. Nick's heart is in the job, and he cared about the outcome for both parties. I found his follow through to be the most important part of his approach. Nick was patient and understanding. 5 of out of 5.

- Mediation Client, 2016

My experience with your office was excellent. I will be sure to recommend your office to family and friends seeking legal representation. You're very professional and understanding.

- Vito, Post-decree work related to retirement accounts, 2016

Nick is great, and I would absolutely pass along referrals as I see them.

- Divorce Client Who Reconciled, 2015

My experience was excellent. I would be sure to recommend your office to friends and family seeking legal representation. You were very professional and understanding.

- Vito, Division of Assets, 2015

Thank you for all of your professional help. It made my divorce process run more smoothly.

- Paula, Divorce, 2015

He is very personable and straightforward with the facts. Nick knows the state laws for divorce and those related to children.

- Steve, Divorce & Custody, 2014

You get the job done. Continue the excellent work.

- Mike, Divorce, 2014

Nick was our lawyer for our divorce case. He took the time upfront to explain the divorce process and was careful to point out the possible bumps in the road along the way. Our case was finalized efficiently and exceeded our expectations. Nick is professional, experienced and caring.

- Gary, Family Law, 2014

Thank you for representing me with my legal issues this past year. You were very kind to me when I was going through a particularly difficult time, made me feel better and I trusted that you always had my best interests at heart.Whenever I received a motion and got upset you would met with me at once and assure me that you would handle it by explaining the law and assuring me that I had nothing to worry about and I always left your office knowing that you were in control of my situation. I also would like to thank your Business Manager, Ashley, for being so kind to me. She helped me work out a manageable payment plan that would work for you and me. Ashley was a wonderful person to work with, and I am not only going to miss you but her. I would without hesitation recommend you as an attorney to anyone who needed legal counsel. You’re knowledge of the law is beyond reproach, and you have your clients best interests at heart.

- Kimberly, Divorce, 2014

I know you did your best to get me through this quickly and cost-effectively. Thank you again. I will give your name out to other people looking to get out of their marriages.

- AJ, Divorce, 2014

Nick is outstanding. He has a high degree of integrity. He is very responsive. Nick is always calm and has done a great job of managing my emotions. What I like the most is that he always gives me options. With each option, he provides the anticipated cost and the likelihood of success. This is valuable in helping me choose the path forward.

- John, Divorce & Child Custody, 2014

Divorce is not enjoyable, nor is it easy. Your mental fortitude will be tested over and over. For those very reasons just mentioned, it is very important to find the right attorney to represent you. I would not of made it through my divorce process without Nick Richardson representing me. Nick not only had the patience to listen, but the experience in the courtroom to set the right (Good and Bad) expectations going forward. Even when our plan changed due to something out of our control (Judge, etc.), I was calmed by the fact that we had back-up plans we already discussed. Nick provided a service and experience that felt like "it was my best friend sense grade-school" representing me. That "best-friend" experience is important sense during a divorce you will probably speak with your attorney more than your friends, especially if you have kids involved. In the end, as a Father going through this, I received joint custody of my child, a great visitation schedule and my finances remained relatively untouched. I truly recommend anyone searching for divorce attorneys to contact Nick Richardson.

- Divorce & Child Custody Client, in Elmhurst, IL, 2013

Nick, I am glad that Tony was able to hire you to represent him. You are a great attorney. I knew you would help us get custody of his daughters. I will keep recommending you! 5 out 5 stars! I’m very likely to recommend Mr. Richardson. He is very professional and fair and knows what he is talking about and always looks for the best interest of his client.

- Mabel and Tony, Child Custody & Divorce, 2013

I am grateful for your service. I wish you the best business ever. I will keep you in my mind when others seek legal counsel.

- Dorothy, Divorce & Child Custody, 2013

Use Nick. He is awesome and fights for you. Thank you for taking my case and for finishing it up so quick!

- Jody, Adoption, 2013

I live in Houston. I retained Mr. Richardson to help with my pension in regards to my divorce when i lived in Illinois. Living out of state, I was nervous about paying an attorney and wondered if he would follow through. I asked my brother to assist in the search, he provided me with Mr. Richardson's number. Mr. Richardson quoted me a price that was far below the average. He stuck to that price, he provided me with updates, and he even went steps further to ensure that my rights were protected and that he did his job and then some. Since then I have read and heard so many great things he is doing for the community and state. I don't know if he realizes that his information , emails, travel so far and still impact my life. If you are looking for someone who is fair, honest, follows through, and gets the job done , look no further. I wish he was in Houston.

- Oralia, Divorce, 2012

Nick Richardson is an amazing attorney and really helped me! Strongly recommend to everyone! Thanks for everything Nick!

- Lisa, Divorce, 2012

Nick is a very up-and-coming attorney whom in my experience and opinion knows his field extremely well, is very personable and gives his clients “the time of day” who fully hears the story and gets the details down to get the “job done,” and he knows exactly what to do for the situation at hand. Nick Richardson is a name worth mentioning and his professionalism!

- David, Custody & Visitation, 2011

Nick listens to his clients needs and executes the best plan for them. For my situation, that was imperative.

- Rose, Divorce, 2011

We have worked with Nick on several different occasions; he has always provided exceptional representation and has also provided us with keen insights and recommendations for the situations at hand. I am very confident that Nick will always provide the best possible legal representation and will do so in a professional and efficient manner.

- Kathie, Breach of Contract, 2010

Nick is a great lawyer. He helped me with a case that was almost indescribable when my ex-wife died and I was in the process of selling the marital home when her son got involved it was a nightmare until Nick stepped in and resolved all the issues I had with my step-son Thanks again Nick, Job well done!

- James, Marital Property, 2010

I was never in doubt that Nick was there for me and only me. Nick made sure that all went smoothly and efficiently as possible. If I had to leave a message, my calls were returned promptly. I will continue having Nick represent me in all legal matters.

- Sonni, Divorce, 2009

Nicholas Richardson is the only attorney I will use for any future matters. His communications skills are excellent, as I always knew where I stood at any given point of my litigation. He has a very calm, matter of fact approach and is able to get the job done and get it done in a timely manner. His fees were comparable and for the most part even less than other attorney’s I talked with. He has experience with judges and other attorneys, so they know where he is coming from and how he works. This enables the process to move along swiftly. I have recommended three or four people to Mr. Richardson and they have all been pleased. He is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get the service you pay for and then some. Thanks Nick for all you have done for me. You made a tough situation bearable and by working together, it was done in a very timely manner. I recommend Nick Richardson for any legal matters you may have. If he can't handle your particular case, he knows someone with a good reputation who will.

- Mark, Divorce, 2009

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