Wheeling, IL Divorce Lawyer

Any family law matter, from separation to child custody, is stressful enough. But finding a lawyer to properly handle your issue can be just as overwhelming. You deserve someone who will be fair to all parties involved and realistic with potential outcomes.

Serving Wheeling and Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs for more than a decade, Nicholas W. Richardson of the Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., never encourages unreasonable expectations. If he thinks your spouse may have an advantage in your case, he will tell you upfront and begin exploring smart, beneficial options tailored to your needs.

Wheeling, IL Family Law Attorney

Attorney Richardson has been recognized in the Courtroom for diligently defending clients while maintaining a high level of civility and professionalism. With each case, he strives to be fair, fully understanding that such decisions can permanently affect others’ lives. His guiding principle of honest and direct communication centers around his main goal: bringing you comfort and closure.

After leaving Attorney Richardson’s office, you will feel confident in your legal representation. His calm, attentive and supportive ways have helped clients come to terms with their situations and prepared them to take the next steps in life. Rather than simply gain a lawyer, you will gain a knowledgeable advocate who will be by your side throughout the process.

Attorney Richardson offers legal counsel in a wide range of family law arenas including:

Wheeling Divorce Lawyer

Richardson’s Family Law Approach

Nicholas W. Richardson works promptly on all cases he receives. You will never find your family law matter in the hands of a junior associate, since Richardson promises to solely represent you. With a solid background in Illinois law, he is active in his legal community, through appointed and elected positions with the Northwest Suburban Bar Association, and was admitted to the Bar for the United States Supreme Court in 2013. Also in 2013, he launched his Scholarships for College-Bound Chicagoland. Since his firm’s founding, Attorney Richardson has supported efforts within his community to help fight hunger and provide assistance to those in need.

Collaborative Law in Wheeling IL: A Cost-Effective, Efficient Alternative

Attorney Richardson strives to resolve settlements whenever possible and is therefore skilled in mediation and collaboration. Both efficient, cost-effective alternatives allow you to control your divorce proceedings and minimize Court involvement. If either option is chosen, Attorney Richardson calmly works with you and your spouse to reach an agreement that is fair and satisfying to everyone. Call Nicholas W. Richardson’s office at 847.873.6741 or contact his office online to set up a free pressure-free initial consultation.


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