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Family law matters such as divorce not only take a toll on your emotions but also your pocketbook. With so much at stake, you need a lawyer who is well-versed in Illinois family law and knows how to make decisions that best suit your needs.

For more than a decade, Nicholas W. Richardson of the Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., has helped residents of Glenview and Chicago’s neighboring Northwest Suburbs come to terms with their family law issues and settle situations in a fair, civilized manner.

Family Law Firm in Glenview, IL

Attorney Richardson’s guiding principle is honesty and directness. With a strong understanding of the legal system and the stress individuals face, he will never encourage unreasonable expectations. You might want to believe that you can easily keep all shared assets, but he will carefully explain the situation and steer you in the right direction according to the law.

Attorney Richardson believes knowledge is power, offering a full range of family law counsel including:

Glenview Divorce Attorney

By choosing Attorney Richardson, you are selecting a professional known for reaching settlements as quickly as legally possible. Since he refuses to pass along cases to a junior associate, he is always up-to-date on your issue’s progress and ready to address any unexpected concerns. He is responsive with client phone calls and delivering new information about your legal matter.

Glenview Divorce Lawyer

Regardless of how intimidating your case may seem, Attorney Richardson’s calm and comforting demeanor consistently resonates with clients. Clients feel that he is extremely supportive throughout the process, whether he is closely listening to clients’ concerns in his office or diligently defending them in Court.

Glenview Collaborative Law: Offering a Cost-Effective, Efficient Alternative

If you are looking to maximize your investment and achieve results, Attorney Richardson is trained in collaboration and mediation. Since both options minimize Court involvement in your proceedings, they are efficient and cost-effective. Instead of an intervening Judge, you have the ability to control the outcome of your case. Attorney Richardson strives to work out your settlements but will not hesitate to challenge any matter whenever necessary. Call Nicholas W. Richardson’s office at 847.873.6741 or contact his office online to set up a free pressure-free initial consultation.


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