Schaumburg Family Lawyer

From property division to parental relocation and complications on any number of issues, divorce can bring many unexpected turns. In such events, you need a lawyer who displays versatility and can help you resolve multiple family law-related issues.

Nicholas W. Richardson of the Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., has been practicing family law and serving clients in Schaumburg and Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs for 10-plus years. With strong knowledge of Illinois law, he knows how to effectively achieve the results you need.

Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Richardson is known for quickly navigating the legal system and moving your case along as efficiently as possible. Once he receives your situation, he wastes no time in seeking solutions, even if that involves gathering other experienced professionals for additional assistance.

The reason behind Attorney Richardson’s efficiency is his refusal to hand your law matter to any junior associates. As a result, he can better understand your concerns and eliminate potential delay in the transferring process.

The topics listed below are only a sampling of Attorney Richardson’s expertise:

Schaumburg Family Lawyer

Richardson’s Family Law Approach

Attorney Richardson has structured his practice on straightforward, honesty. Paying close attention to your needs, he never encourages unreasonable expectations. If he thinks your child support goals are unobtainable, he will not hesitate to tell you upfront. Clients have consistently benefitted from this direct method, resulting in an overwhelmingly high percentage of referrals.

Collaborative Law in Schaumburg, IL: Offering a Cost-Effective, Efficient Alternative

Always striving to calmly work out settlements, Attorney Richardson is skilled in collaboration and mediation. Both are cost-effective, efficient alternatives to taking your matter to Court. By choosing such options, you have the ability to control the direction of your case and eliminate the involvement of a Judge. However, Attorney Richardson is constantly prepared to contest an issue in Court whenever necessary. Call Nicholas W. Richardson’s office at 847.873.6741, or contact his office online to set up a free pressure-free initial consultation.


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