Do I Need a Divorce Attorney in Arlington Heights?

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Every couple begins a marriage with the hope of a lifelong partnership filled with happiness. No one marries with the expectation that he or she will get divorced. However, people change, circumstances are altered and divorce happens. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all couples marrying for the first time will divorce.

A divorce can be unexpected, emotionally exhausting and financially devastating if undertaken without skilled legal help. Beginning the process, people ask, “Do I need a divorce attorney?

Many divorcing couples think they can amicably separate and divorce without hiring an attorney. While the Courts do allow couples to file for divorce without legal representation, this can be a risky choice. A collaborative or mediated approach is not for everyone, as issues of money, children and living arrangements often escalate during the divorce process. Even couples that truly have a “friendly divorce” may not realize the difficulties that arise, including the tax ramifications and unforeseen pitfalls.

Secure the Help of an Arlington Heights Divorce Attorney

Whether the separation is hotly contested or amicable, families can benefit by hiring an experienced Illinois family lawyer to advocate for their needs and desires, and help them move beyond divorce.

Consider this typical divorce scenario: A couple that owns their home, has modest assets and has one child together wants to divorce. Every piece of the puzzle is dictated by a different law and requires multiple questions.

For example, should the house be sold? If so, how much money does each spouse receive? What if one spouse wants to keep the house and the other wants to sell? Will the child live primarily with one parent, or go back and forth between their homes? If one person racked up thousands on a credit card in his/her own name, will both be responsible for paying that bill? Who will pay for the child’s school and medical costs? How will the parties divide the money in the bank? These are just a few of the many essential questions that must be asked in every divorce — even “friendly divorces.”

Another common misconception is that even if the divorce is amicable, legal help websites or do-it-yourself research can take the place of an actual family law attorney. Too often, people download standardized divorce forms online only to find that their local Court will not accept them or that those forms are not ultimately beneficial in safeguarding their rights or addressing their particular circumstances.

Arlington Heights Divorce Lawyer

Only an experienced divorce attorney can properly assist you during a divorce. Nicholas W. Richardson has helped Illinois families for more than a decade and delivers straightforward, honest legal advice. Attorney Richardson serves clients in many Illinois cities and throughout Cook County, DuPage County, McHenry County and Kane County. If you are thinking about divorce or if you are currently in the process, contact the Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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