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At the Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., individuals and couples in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs work with Attorney Richardson to achieve amicable settlements for divorce agreements, whether through traditional litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods of mediation and collaborative law.

However, when significant marital assets are at stake in high net worth divorce, negotiation may be insufficient as a means of solving problems. Each party can be adamant about getting his or her way, which can only lead to costly, lengthy and sometimes highly contentious divorce litigation in a Courtroom. Spouses with substantial assets often face issues that require the attention of an attorney, such as the valuation of a closely held business, valuation of a pension, division of future stock options and examination of the marital estate.

When the experience and efficiency of your legal representation matters, turn to Nicholas W. Richardson in Palatine. His goal: to preserve your marital estate so that an equitable division can be made. He can provide insight on the potential benefits of financial experts to determine your estate's value.

Armed with the knowledge of your estate’s worth, Attorney Richardson will negotiate a settlement and prepare arguments for a necessary trial in Court.

Divorce Lawyer in Palatine and Chicago's Northwest Suburbs

When accusations fly and tensions run high in a high net worth divorce, you need an attorney who calmly lays out the facts of your case. In Court, Attorney Richardson defends you on the following issues:

Property Division Striving to recoup your financial and material investment in your marriage, from residences and family heirlooms to deferred income and "hidden assets" that may require investigation by forensic accountants

Spousal Support Accessing reasonable levels of alimony or maintenance that sustain the receiving party in the style to which he or she is accustomed

Child Custody and Child Support Helping parents get past their differences and maintain dual, prominent roles in a child's life, thereby minimizing the negative impact of divorce

Palatine high net worth divorce attorney Nicholas W. Richardson gets results. Call, email, click-to-chat or fax his full-service family law office today to discuss your goals.

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