Prospect Heights Divorce Lawyer

Since family law matters, such as divorce and division of marital assets, can affect you and your children for the rest of your lives, you need a lawyer who will see that your case receives proper attention from start to finish.

Nicholas W. Richardson of the Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C., has been attentively serving clients in Prospect Heights and Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs for more than 10 years. With this background and a strong client satisfaction reputation behind him, he understands how to navigate the Illinois legal system and achieve the results clients need.

Prospect Heights, IL Family Law Attorney

Attorney Richardson has built his practice on personally handling all his client’s family law issues. When situations are passed along to junior associates, the legal process becomes drawn out and key aspects of your case may be overlooked. With Attorney Richardson’s efficiency and attention to detail, your issue is guaranteed to quickly move through the legal system with all concerns being addressed.

In addition, Attorney Richardson is experienced in the following areas of family law, providing you with the knowledge and skill you need to address whatever direction your case may take:

Prospect Heights Divorce Lawyer

Nicholas W. Richardson believes in doing whatever necessary to ease the legal process. He persistently searches for options to best suit your goals and does not hesitate to bring in additional professionals when appropriate. To keep you abreast of the situation, he promptly delivers updates and responds to all forms of communication as soon as possible.

Richardson’s Approach

Clients appreciate Attorney Richardson’s straightforward, honest approach. They know he will never encourage unreasonable expectations or suggest unnecessary possibilities that will rack up costs. He promises to carefully listen to your needs and support you until a sense of closure is reached.

Collaborative Law in Prospect Heights, IL: A Cost-Effective, Efficient Alternative

If you want to resolve your divorce in a calm, cooperative environment, Attorney Richardson is trained in mediation and collaboration. As efficient, cost-effective alternatives to settling matters in Court, you are granted control over your case’s outcome. In both situations, Attorney Richardson strives to reach fair agreements for you and your spouse. Call Nicholas W. Richardson’s office at 847.873.6741 or contact his office online to set up a free pressure-free initial consultation.


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