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3 of the Most Common Reasons for Divorce

 Posted on April 24, 2020 in Divorce

Rolling Meadows divorce lawyerNo couple gets married thinking that they are going to divorce. Traditionally, the top reasons marriages fail have been considered to be mishandling money, marrying too young and suffering a loss of identity; however, a recent study found that those are no longer the most common reasons for divorce. Below are the three most common reasons why modern couples choose to end their marriage, according to the study:

Lack of Love and Intimacy

No matter how passionate a relationship is at the beginning of a marriage, this passion tends to diminish over time. This is normal and happens to many couples. However, intimacy is still an important part of marriage and includes much more than just what happens in the bedroom. When couples reach the point where they experience fewer acts of affection, including holding hands, kissing or even calling or texting just to express one’s love, this may be a sign that divorce is on the horizon.

Communication Problems

Communication is extremely important in a marriage. A couple must be able to not only talk to each other about everyday life, but also the big and small problems that may crop up during their marriage. Although different styles of communication are not necessarily a sign that a couple is going to divorce, each spouse will want to understand the other’s style of communication so he or she can adequately respond to it. In addition, both spouses should understand that talking and listening are equally important.

Lack of Sympathy, Respect, or Trust

These three attributes are very important to any marriage. Trust should be the foundation a marriage is built on. Spouses must also be able to respect each other, which means respecting boundaries and allowing the other spouse to be his or her own person. Lastly, without sympathy, it can be difficult for a person to turn to their spouse during difficult times, and this is typically when spouses need to lean on each other the most. When any one of these characteristics is not present in a marriage, the relationship may be in trouble.

Considering Divorce? Our Mt. Prospect Family Law Attorney Can Help

No one plans to get a divorce when they get married. However, recognizing the warning signs can help a couple work through these issues. In cases where spouses are unable to resolve their differences, divorce may be the best choice. Skilled Northwest Cook County divorce lawyer Nicholas W. Richardson can help you understand your options, and he will walk you through the divorce process, and negotiate with the other side to secure the fair settlement you deserve. Call our office at 847.873.6741 to arrange a free consultation.


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