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palatine divorce lawyerGetting married is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. However, even the most cautious individuals can find themselves in a marriage that they regret. Whether you were pressured into marrying by a well-meaning relative, you misjudged the situation, or you were just acting impulsively, regretting a marriage is an unfortunate situation to find yourself in.

If you recently wed and you regret it, you may wonder if you can get the marriage annulled instead of ending the marriage through divorce. Perhaps you have heard a rumor that a marriage can be annulled as long as it is not “consummated,” meaning the couple has not had sexual intercourse yet. Read on to learn about the criteria for annulments in Illinois and what you should do if you regret saying “I do.”

How Can You Get Your Marriage Annulled in Illinois?


Marriage and Annulment in Illinois

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annulment, divorce, matrimonial lawyer, Illinois family lawyer, Palatine family law attorneyA previous post on this blog discussed the concept of legal separation and why some people may consider it a more desirable option than divorce. For some people, however, neither option is desirable; instead, they may want an annulment.

What is Annulment?

When most people think of an annulment (now legally called a Declaration of Invalidity in Illinois), they think of it in a religious context. Some churches, such as the Catholic Church, prohibit divorcees from getting remarried until their ex-spouse dies (thus severing the marriage in the eyes of the church, thanks to the vow of “’til death do us part” literally coming true) or the marriage is annulled by the church. In these instances, the marriage is deemed null and void in the eyes of the church, as though it never happened.


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