3 Things to Keep in Mind When Determining Child Support in Illinois

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Palatine divorce and child support lawyerThere are few things more difficult for a family to go through than divorce. This is particularly true when there are children involved. Emotions run high, and everyone wants to leave the marriage in a manner that is fair to them, and the entire family can struggle to move on with their lives. In addition to all of this, parents must negotiate a child custody agreement and determine child support obligations. During this process, there are three very important things each parent must keep in mind.

1. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Spouses will normally experience strong feelings when going through a divorce, such as sadness, anger, disappointment and frustration. However, letting these emotions rule child custody negotiations typically results in a longer, more difficult process. Parents should do their best to try to avoid being confrontational during these proceedings, and remember at all times that negotiations are taking place in the best interests of the child, not the parents. In addition, remember that these negotiations can take time. Rather than rushing to reach an agreement as soon as possible, you should ensure that the final agreement protects your parental rights and meets your children’s needs.

2. Know the Laws

Child support is determined by a judge who will use the financial information the two spouses have submitted to make a decision. Due to this, both parents going through a divorce must provide accurate financial documents, and they should be sure to understand the laws surrounding child support.

Since July 2017, child support in Illinois is determined by an income shares model. This means that the incomes of both parents are combined, child support is determined based on this combined income and the number of children, and child support payments are divided between the two parents based on each parent’s percentage of the combined income. When determining child support obligations, your attorney can ensure that all relevant financial information for both parents is considered.

3. Consider All Child-Related Expenses

In addition to child support obligations, parents may be required to share in other child-related expenses. In many cases, parents only consider the most obvious expenses, such as the costs of food, shelter, and clothing. However, many more costs associated with children are necessary, and parents should take all of these into consideration during negotiations. Parents should ensure that their divorce agreement specifies how they will divide the costs of expenses such as tuition fees, medical and dental bills, and extracurricular activities.

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