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4 Ways to Protect Your Children During Your Illinois Divorce

 Posted on September 10, 2020 in Divorce

Inverness divorce attorney for child-related issuesCouples get divorced for many reasons. Maybe you and your spouse have realized that you are two very different people who want very different things. Maybe you still love each other, but you have grown apart. Or, maybe some other type of conflict has occurred, such as infidelity or financial issues. Whatever the reason for the divorce might be, you and your spouse will probably not be on the best of terms.

Unfortunately, couples often experience contentious divorces, and issues involving children are often some of the most difficult matters to resolve. Sometimes, children can be caught in the crossfire of marital conflicts. However, there are a few things you can to help protect your children as much as possible during your divorce.

#1: Do Not Fight in Front of the Children

One of the most detrimental things children can experience is to witness their parents constantly fighting and arguing. High levels of conflict can create a sense of tension and unhappiness in the home, and this can manifest negatively in children. Kids who observe their parents’ arguments are more prone to behavioral problems and emotional issues. During your divorce, you should do your best to avoid arguing in front of your children, and you should not force them to take sides or ask them to relay messages between you and your spouse.

#2: Keep Routines as Stable as Possible

As you go through the process of ending your marriage, you and your children will probably experience many changes. You and your spouse may need to find new living arrangements, your daily schedules may shift, and your life in general will change. For children, adjustments such as these can be difficult, especially when they come all at once. You can help your children transition into these changes by maintaining consistent routines as much as possible. Try talking with your spouse to make sure the same rules are followed in both households, and try to stick to similar schedules for meals, bedtimes, and other important daily activities.

#3: Provide Reassurance and Emotional Support

For some children—especially young children—there can be a great deal of confusion and frustration about the divorce and what it means for them. Some children may react negatively and even blame themselves for their parents’ split. It is important to reassure your children that they are not responsible for the divorce and let them know that you will always be there for them. Encourage them to talk about their feelings and help them work through their emotions in a positive, healthy way.

#4: Work With a Knowledgeable Palatine Divorce Lawyer

During your divorce, you will want to be sure the decisions you make will put a structure in place that can benefit your kids after you and your spouse have legally ended your marriage. At the Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, we can provide you with the legal help you need throughout your divorce, ensuring that your children’s best interests are protected when settling issues such as the allocation of parental responsibility and parenting time. Call our office today at 847.873.6741 to schedule a free consultation with a Hoffman Estates family law attorney.


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