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Can I Date During My Divorce?

 Posted on April 18, 2022 in Divorce

palatine divorce lawyerThe end of a marriage is always sad. However, many separated and divorced people also see divorce as an opportunity for a happier future. For many divorcing couples, the split follows months, years, or even decades of a miserable marriage. Consequently, many divorcing spouses are excited about the prospect of reentering the dating world and finding someone who is a better fit for them. However, many people in this situation are also uncertain about the consequences of dating during the divorce proceedings. Can you date when you are separated but not yet divorced? Will dating affect the divorce process in any way? These are important questions that anyone considering dating during divorce should consider.

Going on Dates While Divorcing in Illinois

If you are getting divorced, you may be excited at the thought of meeting someone new. You may even already have someone special in your life other than your spouse.

There is no law prohibiting dating during the divorce process. Technically, infidelity is a criminal offense in Illinois, but this law is not enforced, and no one has been charged with adultery for decades. Illinois is also a no-fault divorce state, so dating during divorce will not influence the grounds or reasons for the divorce. However, it is possible for dating during divorce to influence the case's outcome.

Dissipation of Assets

Dissipation of assets refers to the waste or misuse of marital assets during the end of a marriage. One of the most common examples of dissipation occurs when a spouse spends money on an affair partner. If you spend a significant amount of marital funds buying a new boyfriend or girlfriend gifts, for example, your spouse may be able to file a dissipation of assets claim which can significantly impact property division.

Dating During Divorce May Increase Tension and Hostility

Even if you do not spend marital funds on new dating partners, dating during divorce can influence your case. Many spouses are angered at the thought of the other spouse “moving on” and dating someone new. They may even draw out divorce proceedings or refuse to compromise on divorce issues in retaliation.

Children May Be Influenced By The Decisions

Children often have a hard time dealing with their parents’ divorce. Dating someone new may add even more confusion and tension to the situation. A new boyfriend or girlfriend may even influence child custody issues. For example, if a parent is constantly getting a babysitter for the children so he or she can go out on dates, the other parent may argue that he or she should have less parenting time.

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