Can I Date Others While I Am Going Through a Divorce?

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palatine divorce lawyerFor many, divorce marks the beginning of a new adventure. Unhappy spouses who finally decide to end their marriages may be excited and anxious to start their new post-divorce lives. If you are like many people getting divorced, you may wonder, “When is it a good time to start dating?” You may worry that dating before the divorce is final could count as adultery or negatively impact your divorce case. While the decision to date during divorce is completely up to you, you must consider how dating before the divorce is finalized may influence the divorce’s outcome.

Dating Before Finances are Separated Could Lead to Dissipation of Assets

There is no rule that says you cannot date before your divorce is completed. However, you should know that Illinois law allows spouses to file “dissipation of assets” claims if their spouse wastes or misuses marital funds prior to the divorce. One way to ensure that you do not accidentally commit dissipation of assets is to separate your finances and file for divorce before you spend any money on a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Your New Partner Could Impact Child-Related Issues

Who you choose to date is your own business. Generally, dating does not affect child custody issues. However, if your new love interest has a criminal record – especially one involving sex crimes or child abuse charges, this could impact child custody. Even if your new partner poses no threat to your children’s safety, experts suggest waiting until the divorce is complete to introduce children to him or her.

Avoid Sharing Personal Information on Social Media

If you do decide to date during divorce, be careful what you post on social media or dating websites. Posting pictures of an expensive vacation with your new partner, bragging about purchases, or otherwise revealing financial information online can potentially impact your divorce case. It is also important not to post pictures of excessive alcohol or drug use, as this could also be used against you during a child custody dispute.

Contact a Barrington Divorce Lawyer

Dating during divorce is not prohibited by Illinois law, but it can potentially impact your divorce case. The best way to ensure that you will not make mistakes that worsen the outcome of your divorce is to work with an experienced divorce lawyer. Contact experienced Palatine divorce attorney Nicholas W. Richardson to get the legal guidance you need. Call 847.873.6741 for a free, confidential consultation.



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