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Can I Request More Alimony if My Expenses Rise Unexpectedly?

 Posted on February 06, 2024 in Divorce Decree Modification

Mount Prospect, IL post divorce modification lawyerLife is full of unexpected changes. Sometimes, our financial circumstances can shift after divorce. If your expenses rise unexpectedly, you may wonder if you can request an increase in alimony through a post-divorce decree modification. While pursuing a post-divorce decree modification may sound intimidating, a lawyer in Illinois can make the process a lot easier, as they will possess the legal knowledge and ability to assist you in achieving your legal goals. 

Understanding What a Post-Divorce Decree Modification Is

A post - divorce decree modification is designed to allow individuals to request changes to Court orders issued after a divorce is finalized. These modifications can cover various aspects of a divorce settlement, including child custody, child support, and alimony. Success in modifying alimony depends on demonstrating a substantial change in circumstances that justifies the need for an adjustment. 

Proving a Significant Change in Circumstances 

To request increased alimony due to rising expenses, you must show that the change is significant and not temporary. Unforeseen circumstances that may warrant a modification can include losing your job, facing a serious illness or disability, or dealing with a considerable increase in living expenses. Evidence, such as bills, receipts, or financial statements, can help support your claim. 

Let Your Post-Divorce Decree Modification Lawyer Guide You

Navigating the post-divorce modification process can be complex, and seeking legal advice from an experienced family lawyer is crucial. They will assess your situation, review the existing divorce agreement, and guide you through the process of requesting a modification. An attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence, prepare the required legal documents, and present a compelling argument to the Court.

What the Court Will Likely Consider 

When evaluating a request for increased alimony, the Court will look at several factors, such as the financial resources and needs of both parties, the standard of living during the marriage, and the ability of the paying spouse to meet his or her own needs while also providing support.

Contact Our Mt. Prospect, IL Post-Divorce Decree Modification Attorney

If your expenses rise or your income drops unexpectedly after a divorce, and you are unsure what to do, requesting an increase in alimony through a post-divorce decree modification may be possible. Demonstrating a substantial change in circumstances and seeking legal guidance are essential steps in pursuing a successful modification. Contact the seasoned Northwest Cook County, IL post-divorce decree modification lawyer with The Law Office of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C. for more information. Call 847.873.6741 for a free consultation.

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