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Can You Shorten the Length of Your Illinois Divorce Proceedings?

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Palatine divorce lawyerRecently, English actress Danniella Westbrook and former husband Kevin Jenkins finally got a divorce after living apart for six years. Westbrook took to Twitter on Jenkins’ birthday to suggest that the perfect present would be to get a divorce since the pair had been separated for five years.

Although it is true that some people wait years before making a divorce final, most people want the entire process over with as soon as possible. After all, divorce can be messy and expensive, so few want it to drag on unnecessarily. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to shorten the length of your divorce proceedings.

Illinois’ Waiting Period

The waiting period to get a divorce in Illinois is six months, meaning that once you file your paperwork with the court, you typically have to wait a minimum of six months before the divorce is final. When Illinois allowed for grounds of fault, that waiting period was extended to two years, unless the two parties agreed to waive it and lived separate and apart for two years. However, now that Illinois solely recognizes no-fault divorce, there is only a six-month waiting period.

Get an Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to all terms of the divorce. In these situations, the couple meets with each other and their respective attorneys to draft an agreement surrounding the terms of the divorce. The agreement is then filed with the court, and as long as the waiting period has been met, the divorce is finalized. Getting an uncontested divorce is crucial when you want to shorten the timeline of the process. If you disagree with even just one term, it becomes a contested divorce and will take longer.

Be Prepared

You can greatly shorten your divorce proceedings simply by being prepared. Gather all the documents you will need, such as financial statements, tax statements, and more, and keep them in a file. Your attorney will eventually need these and if you are prepared to supply them when asked, it will help speed up the divorce process. Also, make sure that you respond to your attorney promptly when they have requests concerning motions and certifications that your spouse’s attorney may file. Likewise, if you do end up having a contested divorce, you can still cooperate during the discovery phase and avoid the delays that often impede the divorce process.

Contact an Illinois Divorce Lawyer

The attorney you choose will greatly determine how long your divorce takes. Dedicated Inverness divorce lawyer Nicholas W. Richardson will respond to your calls and emails right away and do everything possible so that your divorce is over quickly, but your rights remain protected. Call him today at 847-873-6741 to schedule your free consultation.


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