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Does Illinois Require Divorced Parents To Pay For College?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_95098831.jpgMany parents struggle to pay for college expenses such as tuition, room and board, and related fees. In the United States, the costs associated with obtaining a college education are incredibly high, with college tuition sometimes costing upwards of six figures for four-year schools.

No matter which college your child chooses to attend, tuition rates will likely be high. But if you are divorced in the state of Illinois, you may be wondering who pays for college between you and your ex. Do you both need to pay? Is a 50/50 division of tuition applied to a situation like this?

Illinois Law Regarding College Expenses For Non-Minor Children

Illinois imposes a rare law that may require parents to contribute equal amounts of money toward their child's college expenses until the child turns twenty-three years old. However, it is also possible for this Court order to be extended until the child turns twenty-five years old.

Additionally, if a parent has since passed, a Court order can require that money from the estate is put toward the educational expenses of the deceased parent's child or children. The Court may take a few details into consideration when deciding how to divide college expenses.

What Does the Judge Take Into Consideration?

Details that may be taken into consideration include: parents' income levels and financial resources of the child, such as financial aid opportunities or scholarships. Ultimately, the contribution that parents might put toward their child’s educational expenses will be determined by the Judge, as opposed to cases of child support unrelated to college expenses, in which the law decides parental contributions.

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