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Where You Hang Your Hat : Can Logistics Play a Role in Marital Success?

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marital success, marriage trends, Illinois marriage laws, Illinois divorce lawyerMore than a quarter century ago, George Strait, an American country recording artist, released one of his most popular songs, All My Ex's Live in Texas. What may have been lyrical for Mr. Strait does not necessarily hit the high notes for the rest of U.S. divorcees.

Recently reported by The Huffington Post, Texas did not even rank in the top 10 states that may sway your marital success. The American Community Survey (ACS) ranked the following cities and their respected states as possibly hazardous to your wedded bliss:

1 Panama City, Florida
2 Sierra Vista, Arizona
3 Charleston, West Virginia
4 Medford, Oregon
5 Reno, Nevada
6 Deltona, Florida
7 Pueblo, Colorado
8 Palm Bay, Florida
9 Jacksonville, Florida
10 Grand Junction, Colorado

Texas may be off the hook, but for those couples residing in Panama City, Florida, or any of these top 10, perhaps a change in address may be a considerable option. So what about Illinois?

The Census Bureau has been collecting reportable data on marriage, divorce and widowhood since 1986. Surveys are conducted by equally polling 1,000 men and 1,000 woman, age 15 and over. For Illinoisans, the numbers weigh in as follows:

Illinois Divorce Statistics
1,000 Men 1,000 Women
Married: 17.9% Married: 16.3%
Divorced: 8.0% Divorced: 8.0%

Statistics can be informative, but couples should not measure marital success or failure on trending data alone. Plain and simple, marriage takes work. Although both partners may have had the best of intentions, difficulties with alcoholism, substance abuse, domestic violence, financial difficulties or a breakdown of communication can force a couple to take an inventory of their marital sustainability.

So as Mr. Strait theoretically avoids Texas and hangs his hat in Tennessee and couples in these top 10 cities remain optimistic despite the odds, couples in Illinois can be slightly secure with their logistical foothold, but data trends year to year.

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