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Helping Children Cope with Divorce

 Posted on October 06, 2023 in Children of Divorce

IL family lawyerParents who are getting divorced are often worried about how their children will cope with the changes. Most adults can acknowledge that divorce can be hard on children. Children involved in divorce may struggle to adapt to not having both parents around all the time. They will likely need to get used to staying in a different household, at least some of the time. They may need to adjust to one or both parents having a new partner. This can also be challenging for children to witness conflict between their parents. Even if your legal divorce is relatively amicable, children may struggle with the idea that their parents do not want to be married anymore. Divorcing parents need to actively take steps to help their children transition to a new way of living successfully. An Illinois divorce attorney can also take steps to help guard your children from any legal conflict. 

How Can I Help My Children Through My Divorce?

Helping children cope with divorce means letting them work through their emotions in a healthy way. Helpful tips may include: 

  • Healthy outlets - Make sure your children have a healthy way of expressing themselves emotionally and releasing pent-up feelings. Some children do this well through art, others through martial arts or theater. 
  • Consider counseling - Many children of divorce benefit tremendously from counseling or group therapy. If your child seems to be struggling, involving a professional can help greatly. 
  • Guard them from conflict - Your children are almost certainly aware that their parents are in conflict. It is best to avoid arguing in front of the children and to avoid verbally degrading their other parent while the children are present. 
  • Co-parent well - Part of protecting your children from the brunt of the conflict is co-parenting well. Be civil during custody exchanges and any events where both parents are wanted, such as school chorus concerts and graduations. Seeing both parents work together for the good of the children can help the children feel secure. 
  • Keep a routine - Keeping the children’s daily routine as close as possible to what it was before can help prevent children from feeling uprooted. Consistency between households can help as well. Keep bedtimes, morning routines, and mealtimes as close as possible. 

Coping with divorce can be difficult for children, but there is a lot a parent can do to guide them through the changes successfully. 

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