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How Can Divorcing Parents Resolve Custody Disputes in Illinois?

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palatine divorce lawyerAs a parent, you want the absolute best for your child. This includes the best possible child custody arrangement after a divorce. However, many divorcing parents disagree about what is best for their children. This blog explores some of the most popular dispute resolution methods for parents who disagree about parental responsibilities and parenting time. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for child custody disputes. The right approach will depend on your relationship with your soon-to-be-ex, your child’s needs, and a variety of other factors.

Family Law Mediation May Help You Resolve Child Custody Disagreements

A family law mediator is trained in conflict resolution, de-escalation tactics, and communication skills. During a child custody dispute, the mediator’s job is to help parents discuss child custody issues, find common ground, and reach compromises. Understandably, many parents have strong opinions about their children and can sometimes let their emotions cloud their judgment. The mediator helps parents avoid contention and stay focused on finding a solution.

Reaching a Child Custody Agreement Through Collaborative Law

During the collaborative divorce process, parents work with a collaborative team to negotiate unresolved divorce issues including child custody. Each parent is represented by an attorney trained in collaborative law. The spouses and their attorneys may also work with child development specialists, child psychologists, or other experts. The spouses, attorneys, and other members of the collaborative team sign an agreement promising to negotiate in good faith, keep the conversations confidential, and keep the case out of Court.

Litigation May Be Necessary in Some Cases

Unfortunately, alternative resolution methods like mediation and collaborative law are not always sufficient. Some parents simply refuse to discuss child custody matters rationally or compromise. Alternative resolution methods may also be inappropriate in cases involving abuse or domestic violence. If parents cannot reach an agreement about child custody issues out of court, the case may be litigated. During litigation, each parent’s attorney gathers evidence and builds arguments to support their client’s opinion. Often, child custody disputes are resolved through a pre-trial settlement. However, some cases do end up going to trial.

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If you are a divorcing parent in Illinois, you and your spouse will be asked to create a parenting plan that describes the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time. For help, contact skilled Palatine divorce attorney Nicholas W. Richardson. Call 847.873.6741 for a free, confidential consultation today.


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