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How to Meet the Challenges of a High Conflict Divorce 

 Posted on November 17, 2021 in Divorce

arlington heights divorce lawyerWhen a divorce involves a greater degree of disagreement than typical divorce cases, we often refer to this as a “high conflict divorce.” Spouses in a high conflict divorce face unique challenges both personally and legally. When spouses cannot cooperate, reaching an out-of-court agreement about divorce issues like property division or child custody can seem nearly impossible. Each situation is different and there is no perfect way to handle a contentious divorce. However, the following actions may help.

Do Not Try to Face This Alone

Many spouses underestimate just how complicated and frustrating a high-conflict divorce can be. They assume that they can handle the situation with little help from others. However, building a support team is one of the best things you can do to help you get through a contentious divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer can represent your best interests and provide legal guidance throughout the divorce process. However, in a high-conflict divorce, you may also want to work with additional professionals who can address the financial, personal, and psychological aspects of the split. A divorce coach or counselor can provide an outlet for you to vent frustrations and cope with difficult emotions. Accountants and other financial professionals can help you make sound financial decisions that benefit you both during and after the divorce.

Prioritize Your Health

High conflict divorce can feel as if it is taking over your life. Many people engaged in combative divorce cases struggle with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other serious medical conditions. In a time like this, it is important to prioritize your own mental and physical health. This may require you to take some time off of work or reduce other obligations. Getting enough sleep, eating right, and exercising has also been clinically proven to reduce stress and improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Take Others’ Advice with a Grain of Salt

Sometimes, in a divorce case, well-meaning friends and family members give divorce advice that is outdated or misinformed. For example, someone who got divorced five or ten years ago may give you advice about how to handle a spousal maintenance or child support issue that is based on the laws from five or ten years ago. Often, friends and family give advice based on what worked for them personally. However, laws are always changing, and divorce cases vary dramatically from person to person. This is why it is best to take non-professional advice with a grain of salt. Trust your instincts and work with a team of professionals you know you can rely on.

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