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Non-Payment of Child Support: Penalties and Options in Illinois

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palatine child support lawyerChild support payments help single and divorced parents cover child-related expenses. During these challenging times, financial assistance through child support is more important than ever. However, for various reasons, some parents stop paying child support. In some cases, a parent loses his or her job and can no longer afford support payments. Other parents are simply irresponsible or selfish and intentionally choose to ignore this important responsibility.

Whatever the cause, non-payment of child support is not taken lightly by Illinois Courts.

What to Do When a Parent Cannot or Will Not Pay Child Support

If you are an obligor, or payer, or child support and you cannot afford your current child support obligation, do not simply stop paying. The Court can take adverse actions against you, which will only make your situation worse. Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for a child support order modification. For example, if you were laid off from your job and are genuinely trying to get a new job, you may be able to reduce your obligation for the time being.

If you are the obligee, or recipient, of child support and the other parent has stopped making payments, there are actions you can take. Illinois offers various enforcement options to help ensure that child support is paid.

Penalties for Non-Payment of Child Support in Illinois

If a parent falls behind in child support payments, the Court may take a number of actions. The obligor may be required to pay:

  • Past due support (also known as arrears)
  • Interest on past due support
  • Late fees
  • The obligee’s attorney’s fees and costs
  • Other reasonable expenses related to enforcing the support order

The Court may also do any of the following:

  • Garnish the obligor’s wages
  • Place a lien on the obligor’s property
  • Seize the obligor’s bank accounts or other assets
  • Impose a money judgment for past due child support
  • Deny, suspend, or revoke the obligor’s driver’s license
  • Deny, suspend, or revoke the obligor’s professional or occupational license
  • Report the obligor to consumer reporting agencies
  • Bring contempt of Court charges against the obligor

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