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Study Finds Social Media Increasingly to Blame for Divorce

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Divorce

blame for divorce, social media and divorce, Palatine Divorce AttorneyIssues such as adultery, drug use or alcoholism may lead to a couple's divorce. However, a recent study has exposed one more cause — Facebook. According to the study, Facebook, which allows users to “friend” long-lost friends and ex-love interests, is the root cause of one out of every seven divorces.

Facebook and Divorce

One's casual “friend request” to a long-lost love could reignite an old flame. Another's connection with a stranger in a Facebook group might lead a spouse to abandon his or her marriage for a new “love.” Still, such scenarios do not mean that all married couples must give up Facebook or other social media sites entirely. Nor does it mean that you will leave your spouse just because your are in touch with an ex. However, if you are investing too much time on Facebook and not enough in your marriage, the following signs may suggest trouble.

  • Sharing more with Facebook friends than with a spouse. There is nothing wrong with sharing intimacies or venting with someone other than your spouse. However, if you confiding in a Facebook friend more often than your spouse, it may be a sign that your are becoming too emotionally invested.
  • Keeping secrets. A spouse does not need to share every single conversation he or she has with a Facebook friend. Yet if you find yourself hiding the fact that you are friends with a particular individual, or hiding the extent of your contact, you may be investing too much in the online friendship. Moreover, if you do not feel comfortable sharing the friendship with your spouse, then the friendship may not be beneficial to your marriage.
  • Airing dirty laundry. Venting is a part of life and it feels good having people agree with you. But while some general, light-hearted venting is generally acceptable, posting serious issues or constantly complaining about your spouse hints at serious, unresolved issues that are better dealt with via a therapist than on Facebook.
  • Tending to the virtual farm. Game requests and social media go hand in hand. Whether time spent on the Internet involves building a farm or building an army, these virtual games can quickly suck you in until you realize you have wasted an entire afternoon glued to your computer, so your virtual crops do not spoil — all at the expense of your family.

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