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Inverness divorce attorney coronavirusThere have been reports that divorce rates are increasing in China now that the spread of coronavirus has settled down. Typically, disasters tend to bring people together, so this current trend has many wondering why the virus seems to be tearing some couples apart. After an in-depth look, it is not difficult to understand why the coronavirus has caused the breakdown of some marriages.


While “social distancing” may be helping to slow the spread of the disease, it can cause a great deal of difficulty in a household. When spouses and family members are forced to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together, they may begin to argue over a variety of issues. These fights may escalate into more serious disagreements, especially if a couple has unresolved issues or resentments that have been building for years. If remaining constantly together in close quarters has caused the cracks in a couple’s relationship to deepen, and resolution of these issues seems unlikely or impossible, divorce may be the best option. 

Money Troubles

The coronavirus has not only been a threat to the public’s health, but it has also caused a great deal of financial trouble for many families. Businesses such as restaurants and movie theaters have had to close, leaving the owners of those businesses struggling to make ends meet when they no longer have the income coming in that they once did. Many workers are also being told to stay home in order to limit the spread of the virus, leading to a loss of income that has affected their ability to make ends meet. Concerns about money are some of the primary issues that can lead to the breakdown of a marriage, and these financial difficulties may strain relationships past the breaking point, leading to more divorces.


marital success, marriage trends, Illinois marriage laws, Illinois divorce lawyerMore than a quarter century ago, George Strait, an American country recording artist, released one of his most popular songs, All My Ex's Live in Texas. What may have been lyrical for Mr. Strait does not necessarily hit the high notes for the rest of U.S. divorcees.

Recently reported by The Huffington Post, Texas did not even rank in the top 10 states that may sway your marital success. The American Community Survey (ACS) ranked the following cities and their respected states as possibly hazardous to your wedded bliss:

1 Panama City, Florida
2 Sierra Vista, Arizona
3 Charleston, West Virginia
4 Medford, Oregon
5 Reno, Nevada
6 Deltona, Florida
7 Pueblo, Colorado
8 Palm Bay, Florida
9 Jacksonville, Florida
10 Grand Junction, Colorado

Texas may be off the hook, but for those couples residing in Panama City, Florida, or any of these top 10, perhaps a change in address may be a considerable option. So what about Illinois?


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