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Tips for Introducing the Idea of a Prenup With Your Partner

 Posted on April 22, 2022 in Divorce

palatine divorce lawyerGetting engaged to be married is one of the most exciting life experiences a person can have. If you are newly engaged, congratulations! You probably have a million things on your mind right now. You may be thinking about wedding plans, moving in with your partner, starting a family, and much more. You may also be thinking about whether you and your spouse should sign a prenuptial agreement. Premarital agreements or "prenups" offer numerous benefits to spouses. However, prenups are not exactly romantic. Bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement to your partner can be awkward. There is no way to eliminate the awkwardness entirely, but the following tips may help.

Make Sure You Both Understand The Benefits of a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements should benefit both parties in a marriage. These valuable legal tools can help you identify which assets and debts are marital and which are non-marital. This is very useful if either spouse has significant assets such as a business or professional practice. Prenups are also useful if one spouse has significant debts such as credit card debt or student loans. You can also use a prenuptial agreement to describe a spouse's right to spousal maintenance, keep family heirlooms in the family, and much more.

Think of a Prenuptial Agreement Like an Auto Insurance Policy

If you drive a car, you probably have auto insurance. Having insurance does not mean that you are more likely to get into a crash or that you are an unsafe driver. Insurance exists to provide financial security in the event of a crash. Similarly, signing a prenuptial agreement does not mean that the spouses intend to divorce or lack faith in their marriage. A prenuptial agreement can be thought of as an insurance policy that goes into effect if the marriage ends in divorce or the death of a spouse.

Make it a Conversation and Genuinely Listen to Your Partner's Concerns

If you suddenly insist that your partner sign a prenuptial agreement out of nowhere, he or she may not take it well. No one wants to be told what to do. Your partner may have his or her own concerns or misconceptions about prenuptial agreements and what they are used for. Listen to your partner's concerns and genuinely consider his or her point of view. Make the conversation a two-way street and avoid pressuring your spouse into anything.

Contact a Palatine Divorce Lawyer

Prenuptial agreements can protect both spouses' financial interests in the event of divorce or a spouse's death. If you would like to learn more about how a prenuptial agreement can benefit you and your partner, contact Arlington Heights family law attorney Nicholas W. Richardson. Call The Law Offices of Nicholas W. Richardson, P.C. at 847.873.6741 today for a free consultation.


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