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What Are the Advantages of a Parallel Parenting Plan After Divorce?

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Many married couples stay together “for the sake of the kids” even though they are unhappy in their marriage. However, studies show that children do not benefit from living in a household filled with anger, resentment, or tension. They do, however, thrive when both parents are involved and engaged in their lives. This type of parental relationship can be accomplished even when parents decide to legally end their marriage and divorce. Although co-parenting after divorce can be challenging, an alternative option is a parallel parenting plan, which can provide a shared parenting arrangement that benefits everyone.

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In Illinois, divorcing parents can determine the allocation of parenting responsibilities if they agree to the terms. Similar to the traditional co-parenting method, parallel parenting involves limited direct contact between the parents. This approach can be ideal in high-conflict divorces where parents have difficulty communicating with each other in a civil manner. If parents choose to try parallel parenting, they may change to a co-parenting model in the future as conflict subsides and they are able to get along better.

According to the parallel parenting model, parents will typically divide decision-making responsibilities so they do not need face-to-face discussions or interactions about their children’s daily lives. In this scenario, parents also have more freedom to make their own rules and disciplining style for when the kids are with them. Parallel parenting may be a great alternative to co-parenting in cases where the court does not have a basis on which to decide primary custody. However, if there is a history of domestic violence and a child is in danger, parallel parenting is not an option.

A few of the advantages of using a parallel parenting plan include:

  • The children are not exposed to parental conflict.
  • Each party can parent their own way.
  • The children can develop positive relationships with both parents.

Regardless of which parenting method chosen, parents must be willing to cooperate and communicate at least on some level for the well-being of their children. Establishing clear boundaries with each other can also help avoid conflict when they do have to address certain child-related issues, such as education or medical treatment.

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